New Anti to Pro Nuke documentary release and New Thorium Documentary being made

Also this month

Pandora’s Promise

opens June 12 in New York and July 12 in Toronto.

Bloor Cinema in Toronto Friday, July 12- Thursday, July 18/2013

The US has several city openings the month before it shows at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto as part of calendar.

I was one of the lucky ones who got to see the film in Chicago at the end of May. The film interviews people who have one thing in common. They were once all anti nuclear and now are pro nuclear. They have something else in common. They are all environmentalists. So they represent a new breed of environmentalists who see nuclear as necessary as a technology to deal with the environmental problem.

Frankie and Des are two young film makers in Ireland who recognized the need for a documentary about Thorium Molten Salt reactors. They are getting close to their funding target for

“The Good Reactor”

but can use more support If you are reading this blog you likely already know the importance about spreading positive truthful information about good forms of creating nuclear energy. The “evangelical” highly informative and passionately delivered talks by Kirk Sorensen have undoubtedly helped to spread the word to Ireland. Perhaps it was when Kirk Sorensen made his presentaion in England and convinced Bryony Worthington and others of the importance of his favorite Molten Salt Reactor design the LFTR.


they are past their halfway point at over $20,000 pounds but time is running out so pledge what you can!!!

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    I am so excited, and I am telling all my friends. Let’s make this work. For so many reasons, mankind needs this clean affordable energy. Perhaps the biggest obstacle is man’s own psychology and predisposition to anything nuclear!

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  • Quick Facts: [Thorium Element 90 in periodic table] [Burns up fuel much more efficiently than traditional reactors] [leaves barely any waste behind] [3 x more abundant than uranium] [MSRs run at high temp in liquid molten mixture of fluoride - heat useful for purifying water] [looks like blue water] [no pressure needed] [much safer because of passive safety] [Less expensive to build because it is smaller and easier to build with no pressurized containment needed] [can run without water therefore good for dry and remote locations][molten salt is very stable]

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