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TEAC is back June 3rd & 4th making it conference seven

Thorium Energy Alliance Conference is back, this time in the state where those who understand the importance if nuclear energy are fighting the battle of their life. California is where all the pumped up controversy that happens around the world happens in one place and gets spit out by the press and it is happening in fast motion. They just shut down San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (not decommissioning yet) last year and there is a team ( which I am in touch with personally) strategizing and writing their congress and senate to keep nuclear alive.  In light of the issue of drought and desalination nuclear energy provides a solution. The gullible star crossed or star cross-eyed earth lovers fight for the rights of sea life which ironically world-wide are doing better because of nuclear energy. Cooling of the Diablo plant affects some fish larvae and other creatures yet the whole state is under threat from bad management from energy ignorance. It’s the battle of the cause-hungry-bleeding-hearts that get to prove that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The gullible jetsetter class have influence over the quiet majority by  making their case from news they get between the TV ads. They think they know better than real scientists and engineers who make it their life to understand the mysteries of science and nature.

Nuclear energy’s best chance at a true revival in the US and the world depends on how well we keep the new darling of the nuclear industry the Molten Salt Reactor alive and it’s supporters hopeful. The time to act is now. It really is the final hour.

Learn about the policy behind Thorium, Energy, Rare Earths and all the issues around them.

Look at the great scope of speakers and subjects.

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Energy and Climate Change Conference will have many of our supporters present.

Dr. Alex Cannara and Dr. Bob Greene will be going to an important conference in Virginia with two sessions where they each take turns as moderator with panelists that many here will know.  Both take place Wednesday,  Jan. 28th.

Morning Session:

S28. Nuclear Energy as a Non-Carbon Energy Option with moderator Dr. Bob Greene
Should we be re-evaluating Nuclear Energy as the prime tool to stall Climate Change?

Afternoon Session:

S40. Nuclear Energy: Technologies for 2025 and 2050 and Advancing Nuclear-Energy Options with moderator: Dr. Alex Cannara

See Alex’s post

See Conference Details


Renewed efforts to spread the word about MSRs bigger than ever

Hi All
I want to let you know about my plans for December and beyond. I am going to San Francisco to attend the American Geophysical Union annual conference that meets at the Moscone Center from Dec 15th to December 19th. I am waiting to hear about getting a press pass to gain access to the many talks with topics that cover all science from Earth or outer space. Either way I will be at the booth.
I will be doing a major story that covers MSRs and will be well primed by the time I leave for having shared many hours at the exhibition booth setup by the Thorium Energy Alliance of Silicon Valley (TESV) which I will be sharing duties promoting MSRs along with my Energy Reality Project. Doing a big story about how Molten Salt Reactors can save our future, give us back the oceans, clean the air, fix the economy, eliminate most “nuclear waste” and supply fresh water should get some attention.
I have created a new kind of crowd funding page. This one focuses on raising funds for creating a top notch story supporting MSRs. I hope to try and get it published in a major daily. I will be enlisting the help of a professional writer with a good track record.
Take a look. Contribute if you can. I have focused on my music and activism hoping the “patrons” will appreciate my brand of creativity.

If you watch my video “Support a Nuke” your first thought might be “is he serious or mocking?” Well I am being both. I love nuclear science. But I am mocking the stigma attached to the word “nuke.” How could a musician care about nuclear, you might ask. The Energy Reality Project was created partly because I knew that if I created a website containing the word “nuclear” that it would scare people away. I have created three blogs about different aspects of energy and nuclear power.  My passion is to share my findings and ask that if you want to stop coal from ruining the oceans and stop the coal burning that kills humans and all kinds of wildlife that you join me. I will be happy with small donations because that is the most many of us can do.

Rick Maltese
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The picture included here is a drawing of what could be the first commercialized molten salt reactor. It is the IMSR by David LeBlanc’s Terrestrial Energy.

What about a local market for Rare Earths? Did we forget about it?

Life is just so busy and no time to be the three people I’d like to be. But this is my latest discovery that sheds some light about the problem of rare earths. It is a two page article from 2012 and that is around the time Obama gave the news conference below about how America is missing out on having it’s own rare earth industry.

See U.S. Trade Dispute China Rare Earth Elements

The original PDF is here at the American Geophysical Union website

This is a quote from James Kennedy Thorium Energy Alliance Member and rare earth cooperative advocate. This quote is worth dissecting.

“Materials containing any ratio or combination of Thorium and Uranium above .05%. Producing or holding these materials within the regulatory threshold (.05%) requires extensive and wide-ranging licensing, storage, transportation, remediation disposal and compliance costs, including prohibitive liability and bonding issues. Consequently any potential supplier of byproduct / co-product rare earth resources that would be designated as “source material’ disposes of these valuable resources to avoid liability and compliance issues.”

This is in the context of mining where the content of thorium or uranium in the materials mined is more than 5 parts in 10,000. So instead of dealing with the consequences of separating the elements and processing, storing, licensing, transporting, disposing there are costs that make dealing with it undesirable. So the companies put it back in the ground.

See Gordon McDowells Videos on the subject

Nuclear Song Challenge

OK Here it is as promised.

Record yourself singing “Call Them Irresponsible” with the backing track. I will add it to youtube. If you are not a technology wiz with recording I recommend that you record while wearing the headphones and send me the recorded audio or video of yourself singing. I can mix your voice with the backing track. Here is the audio track without the vocals

Note the download button for these

The Lyrics are hereCall Them Irresponsible Feel Free to change the lyrics on the repeated section.

I recently recorded myself singing Call Them Irresponsible here so you can see how the words fit.

Don’t worry if you don’t have video I can add a still image possibly a photo that you send me. Once I collect a few I will upload them to youtube.

I was at the Thorium Energy Alliance conference and introduced an idea to get the members involved in promoting nuclear energy. It was a great 5th conference in Chicago. Will do a more complete report soon.

Flurry of activity for newest MSR design by Canadian David LeBlanc

David LeBlanc has given us some of the most intriguing and innovative ideas related to Molten Salt Reactor design. His company Terrestrial Energy Inc. formed officially in December 2012 in Ottawa. The website was launched this month and already articles are being posted about what David LeBlanc has been up to with his team.

David has been a speaker at some of the Thorium Energy Alliance Conferences and it was the last conference that he stated “Come for the Thorium. Stay for the Molten Salt Reactor.” At that time in May 2012, he let us know he had something in the works but was not ready to announce his plans. The reactor concepts he discussed were emphasizing the need for simple design and the minimum amount of R & D. His IMSR Integral Molten Salt Reactor is a design that borrows ideas from other related designs. I’m sure he will speak more at this years conference at the end of May

In Mark Halper’s recent post at the Weinberg Foundation Blog

“… Dr. LeBlanc is an MSR expert who in January wrote a guest blog here in which he pointed out among other things that it would be in the best interest of the MSR industry to keep designs as simple as possible in order to stand a chance of commercializing within a reasonable time frame. …”

The recent post by Sherrell R. Greene explains his concept of the SmAHTR and how some of the same inspiration from the SmAHTR and earlier designs also inspired his colleague David LeBlanc.

“… While retaining many of the general system architectural and component features we specified in SmAHTR, David has discarded SmAHTR’s solid graphite fuel and reverted to a liquid fluoride salt fuel. Since I haven’t seen any design details at this point, I’m withholding judgement regarding the engineering viability of the concept. But from the overall philosophical perspective, David’s concept appears to be the most innovative and fresh MSR approach I’ve seen since the heyday of MSR development in the 1960’s and early 1970’s. …”

Most notable is the tiny size of the IMSR. The planned fuel for now is Uranium 238. U238 is proliferation safe. Note: Terra Power’s Travelling Wave Reactor also chose this strategy to use U238. Also there is no turbine which is part of the reason for its smaller size. IMSRvsSnAHTRvsBeetle2_thumb

As Greene points out:

“Though we did not know it when we first began work on the SmAHTR concept, we subsequently learned our Russian colleagues at the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow had developed and published in 2002 a concept for a very small, < 20 MWt, integral, liquid salt-cooled concept they called MARS. SmAHTR and MARS share some design similarities but have some significant design differences as well. The basic design requirements for SmAHTR were: 125 MWt power, ~700 ºC core outlet temperature, and an integral system topology (no coolant loops). Additionally, the reactor had to be transportable over public roads with common heavy-transport multi-axle semi-tractor-trailors. The system also had to be extremely safe and easily refueled and maintained. The inherent safety attributes of the system are a result of its very low (~ atmospheric) operating pressure, forgiving nuclear dynamics, large thermal margins, and the use of a coolant that doesn't chemically react with air or water in highly energetic modes ..."

The future suddenly looks much brighter than it has been since the Fukushima event. MSRs are making a comeback and now three variety’s have emerged in North America. FLIBE has LFTR, Transatomic has the WAMSR and Terrestrial Energy Inc. has the IMSR. It is is a breakthrough approach that may trigger copycats after word gets out. David LeBlanc’s devotion to keeping the challenges to a minimum are what makes his design a very good contender to be online in 6 or 7 years.

  • Quick Facts: [Thorium Element 90 in periodic table] [Burns up fuel much more efficiently than traditional reactors] [leaves barely any waste behind] [3 x more abundant than uranium] [MSRs run at high temp in liquid molten mixture of fluoride - heat useful for purifying water] [looks like blue water] [no pressure needed] [much safer because of passive safety] [Less expensive to build because it is smaller and easier to build with no pressurized containment needed] [can run without water therefore good for dry and remote locations][molten salt is very stable]