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Welcome to A Brave New Climate 6/08/2008 Barry Brook
Geoengineering – damned if you do, damned if you don’t? 7/08/2008 Barry Brook
Climate Change Q&A Seminar 1: Is the Earth Warming (Discussion Thread) 8/08/2008 Barry Brook
How long will Old King Coal reign? Part I 9/08/2008 Barry Brook
Dr David Evans: born-again ‘alarmist’? 10/08/2008 Barry Brook
Tell us something we don’t know… 10/08/2008 Corey Bradshaw
Australia’s most powerful climate-forcing agent – it’s not coal 11/08/2008 Barry Brook
CCQA1 Presentations Available 12/08/2008 Barry Brook
1/3 CCQA1 Intro and Andrew Watson on climate records 12/08/2008 Barry Brook
Denial vs Good Science Part I 13/08/2008 Barry Brook
3/3 CCQA1 Barry Brook and Andrew Watson field questions on global warming13/08/2008 Barry Brook
2/3 CCQA1 Barry Brook on how we know the earth is really warming 13/08/2008 Barry Brook
Will global warming cause a mass extinction event? 14/08/2008 Barry Brook
Spot the recycled denial I – Prof WJ Collins 15/08/2008 Barry Brook
Australia can be a clean energy superpower 15/08/2008 Stewart Taggart
Denial vs Good Science Part II 16/08/2008 Barry Brook
Two urgent climate statements – but no impact? 17/08/2008 Barry Brook
The Earth today stands in imminent peril 18/08/2008 Andrew Glikson
Irrationalism on climate change action 19/08/2008 Barry Brook
Spot the recycled denial II – 60 Minutes crunch time 20/08/2008 Barry Brook
Climate Change Q and A Seminar 2: Friday 22 Aug – natural vs human causes?20/08/2008 Barry Brook
An iconic wetland at risk from sea level rise 20/08/2008 Barry Brook
The world’s largest fish is… shrinking 21/08/2008 Barry Brook
An unwelcome seachange 23/08/2008 Barry Brook
Dr Jennifer Marohasy ignores the climate science 24/08/2008 Barry Brook
CCQA2 Presentations Available 26/08/2008 Barry Brook
3/3 CCQA2 Questions from the audience regarding climate change causes 26/08/2008 Barry Brook
2/3 CCQA2 Barry Brook on human vs natural climate change 26/08/2008 Barry Brook
1/3 CCQA2 Intro and Bob Hill on natural climate changes 26/08/2008 Barry Brook
Make the switch to GreenPower and make (virtually) no difference to your carbon emissions 26/08/2008 Tim Kelly
A catastrophe in slow motion – sea ice updates 27/08/2008 Barry Brook
Carbon Targets I – Fermi Paradox solved? 28/08/2008 Barry Brook
Top 10 ways to reduce your CO2 emissions footprint 29/08/2008 Barry Brook
If you want a laugh… 30/08/2008 Barry Brook
Australia’s soaring carbon emissions put Kyoto out of reach 30/08/2008 Barry Brook
So just who does climate science? 31/08/2008 Barry Brook
Spot the recycled denial III – Prof Ian Plimer 1/09/2008 Barry Brook
A warning from the ghost of climate past 3/09/2008 Andrew Glikson
Twisted – the distorted mathematics of greenhouse denial 4/09/2008 Barry Brook
Climate Change Q and A Seminar 3: Friday 5 Sept – what future climate change scenarios are possible? 4/09/2008 Barry Brook
Carbon targets II – first thoughts on the Garnaut Review emissions trajectories 5/09/2008 Barry Brook
Don’t be swindled 6/09/2008 Barry Brook
CCQA3 Presentations Available 8/09/2008 Barry Brook
3/3 CCQA3 Questions from the audience regarding climate models and projections8/09/2008 Barry Brook
2/3 CCQA3 Barry Brook on climate models and projections 8/09/2008 Barry Brook
1/3 CCQA3 Intro and Peter Hayman on climate variability and impacts 8/09/2008 Barry Brook
Cartoon guide to global warming denial 8/09/2008 Barry Brook
Spot the recycled denial IV – climate case built on thin foundation 9/09/2008 Barry Brook
Nitrogen, climate change and diet 10/09/2008 Geoff Russell
Spot the recycled denial V – Prof Bob Carter 12/09/2008 Barry Brook
What if the sun got stuck? 14/09/2008 James Hansen
Are voluntary actions meaningful where an emissions cap is introduced? 15/09/2008 Tim Kelly
Target atmospheric CO2 levels, not vague emissions reductions 16/09/2008 Barry Brook
Climate Change Q and A Seminar 4: Friday 19 Sept – Are the impacts of climate change being overstated? 17/09/2008 Barry Brook
Grim scenarios on a 2 to 6 degrees celsius hotter Earth 18/09/2008 Barry Brook
How long will Old King Coal reign? Part II 21/09/2008 Barry Brook
Ethics and climate change 22/09/2008 Barry Brook
Climate change and human health – inequities demand win-win solutions 23/09/2008 Barry Brook
CCQA4 Presentations Available 24/09/2008 Barry Brook
3/3 CCQA4 Questions from the audience regarding the impacts of climate change24/09/2008 Barry Brook
2/3 CCQA4 Barry Brook on the impacts of climate change 24/09/2008 Barry Brook
1/3 CCQA4 Intro and Corey Bradshaw on marine impacts 24/09/2008 Barry Brook
Paying the climate change piper 24/09/2008 Tony Kevin
Ongoing rise in global carbon emissions and the lazy audience 26/09/2008 Barry Brook
Garnaut Climate Change Review Final Report – open thread 30/09/2008 Barry Brook
Climate ripe for transformative change 2/10/2008 Barry Brook
How much warming in the pipeline? Part 1 – CO2-e 6/10/2008 Barry Brook
Climate Change Q and A Seminar 5: Friday 10 Oct – Will it cost the earth to avoid climate change? 8/10/2008 Barry Brook
The global food system and climate change – Part I 9/10/2008 Geoff Russell
Thinking big and fast on renewable energy 13/10/2008 Barry Brook
Two denialist talking points quashed 14/10/2008 Barry Brook
CCQA5 Presentation Available 14/10/2008 Barry Brook
3/4 CCQA5 Barry Brook on the economic costs of climate change 14/10/2008 Barry Brook
2/4 CCQA5 Davide Ross on carbon abatement 14/10/2008 Barry Brook
Devouring the pale blue dot 20/10/2008 Andrew Glikson
Nine policies to drag ourselves out of the climate change mire 22/10/2008 Barrie Pittock
Climate Change Q and A Seminar 6: Friday 24 Oct – The popular media debate on climate change and peak oil23/10/2008 Barry Brook
Off to China 24/10/2008 Barry Brook
Olduvai theory – crackpot idea or dawning reality? 28/10/2008 Barry Brook
CCQA6 Presentations Available 28/10/2008 Barry Brook
3/3 CCQA6 Questions from the audience regarding peak oil and greenhouse denial vs good science 28/10/2008 Barry Brook
2/3 CCQA6 Barry Brook on greenhouse denial versus good science 28/10/2008 Barry Brook
1/3 CCQA6 Intro and Michael Lardelli on peak oil 28/10/2008 Barry Brook
If attitudes can change on water conservation, then why not renewable energy!30/10/2008 Barry Brook
The global food system and climate change – Part II 31/10/2008 Geoff Russell
Earth as a magic pudding 2/11/2008 Michael Lardelli
Do most scientists really believe in global warming? 6/11/2008 George Marshall
Response to a wine industry climate change skeptic 11/11/2008 Barry Brook
Interview with Prof Stephen Schneider 14/11/2008 Corey Bradshaw
What Bob Carter and Andrew Bolt fail to grasp 23/11/2008 Barry Brook
Hansen to Obama Pt 1 – the Now or Never plan 24/11/2008 James Hansen
Hansen to Obama Pt II – Carbon tax with 100% dividend 27/11/2008 James Hansen
Hansen to Obama Pt III – Fast nuclear reactors are integral 28/11/2008 James Hansen
Hansen to Obama Pt IV – Where to from here? 2/12/2008 James Hansen
The smokescreen of outdated emissions reduction targets 4/12/2008 Barry Brook
Managing catastrophic climate risk – the six step plan 7/12/2008 Ian Dunlop
Squeezing the marine nutcracker 10/12/2008 Barry Brook
Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) nuclear power – Q and A 13/12/2008 Barry Brook
Time to stop pretending on emissions reduction 16/12/2008 Barry Brook
Beyond peak oil – will black gold turn green? 18/12/2008 Barry Brook
Renewable energy cannot sustain an energy intensive society 21/12/2008 Ted Trainer
Calls of urgency from climate scientists 24/12/2008 Barry Brook
Save a bit here, ship a whole lot there 26/12/2008 Barry Brook
Blame perversity for the worst kind of climate change denial 31/12/2008 Barry Brook

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