2009 Posts


Spot the recycled denial VI – Chris Kenny 1/01/2009 Barry Brook
Cartoon guide to global warming denial II 4/01/2009 Barry Brook
Prescription for the Planet – Part I 6/01/2009 Barry Brook
What we’ve learned about climate change in 2008 8/01/2009 Barry Brook
How to make voluntary carbon offsets a reality 12/01/2009 Tim Kelly
Prescription for the Planet – Part II – Newclear energy and boron-powered vehicles13/01/2009 Barry Brook
Put all energy cards on the table to fix climate change fully 16/01/2009 Barry Brook
Ranking geo-engineering options for mitigating climate change impacts 19/01/2009 Barry Brook
What will Australia’s renewable energy amendment bill actually deliver? 23/01/2009 Tim Kelly
Prescription for the Planet – Part III – Renewable atoms and plasma-charged waste25/01/2009 Barry Brook
A sketch plan for a zero-carbon Australia 29/01/2009 Barry Brook
Is there a link between Adelaide’s heatwave and global warming? 3/02/2009 Barry Brook
How hot should it have really been over the last 5 years? 8/02/2009 Barry Brook
Heatwave update and open letter to the PM 10/02/2009 Barry Brook
Integral Fast Reactors for the masses 12/02/2009 Barry Brook
Carbon tax or cap-and-trade? The debate we never had 14/02/2009 Tim Kelly
Global warming strains at species interactions 17/02/2009 Barry Brook
Response to an Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) critique 21/02/2009 Barry Brook
Climate futures 25/02/2009 Barry Brook
Prescription for the Planet – Part IV – Show me the money! 28/02/2009 Barry Brook
Could UHVDC be a “killer app” for solving climate change? 3/03/2009 Stewart Taggart
How much warming in the pipeline? Part II – it’s as tricky as ABC 6/03/2009 Barry Brook
Total energy independence in 12 years 10/03/2009 Barry Brook
Did climate change kill off woolly mammoths and giant wombats? 14/03/2009 Barry Brook
The Solar Fraud 18/03/2009 Barry Brook
Fast Reactor Radio 22/03/2009 Barry Brook
Six degrees of separation 26/03/2009 Barry Brook
Some new climate and energy blogs and resources 28/03/2009 Barry Brook
CPRS vs carbon tax: Senate Inquiry 30/03/2009 Tim Kelly
Mosquito outbreaks rising with the tide 2/04/2009 Barry Brook
Carbon footprint of the Olympic Dam uranium mine expansion 5/04/2009 Barry Brook
Climbing mount improbable 11/04/2009 Barry Brook
The war against science while Rome is burning 16/04/2009 Andrew Glikson
Towards climate geoengineering? 19/04/2009 Andrew Glikson
Ian Plimer – Heaven and Earth 23/04/2009 Barry Brook
More ice, flat temperatures – what does it all mean? 27/04/2009 Barry Brook
Rethinking nuclear power 30/04/2009 Geoff Russell
Admiral visions of a future now past 3/05/2009 Barry Brook
Has Kevin Rudd taken “a significant step forward on climate change”? 6/05/2009 David Spratt
Discussion Thread: Should Gen III nuclear power precede Gen IV in Australia? 7/05/2009 Barry Brook
Australia will break the world’s carbon budget 11/05/2009 Barry Brook
Climate change items in the 2009 Federal Budget 13/05/2009 Barry Brook
Voluntary Actions and the Rudd Government’s changes to its proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction System15/05/2009 Tim Kelly
Climate Denial Crock 18/05/2009 Barry Brook
Al Gore’s blind spot on nuclear power 22/05/2009 Barry Brook
P4TP chapter 4 – everyone can now read Blees on IFR 25/05/2009 Barry Brook
Another hockey stick fabrication! 30/05/2009 Barry Brook
SA sets a 33% renewables by 2020 target 3/06/2009 Barry Brook
“Spooked” by IFR on TV 4/06/2009 Barry Brook
Memo to Stephen Fielding: It’s not the sun 8/06/2009 Barry Brook
An inconvenient solution 11/06/2009 Barry Brook
Solar Credits – just bad policy! 14/06/2009 Tim Kelly
Steel yourself – a clear role for hydrogen 16/06/2009 Barry Brook
Why is the US ignoring the Integral Fast Reactor? 20/06/2009 Steve Kirsch
Lovelock’s dire vision 23/06/2009 Tim Flannery
Discussion Thread: Is the EIA forecast of 2016 energy prices realistic? 27/06/2009 Barry Brook
Brave new power for the world 1/07/2009 Steve Kirsch
El Niño and sunspots return, sea ice doesn’t 5/07/2009 Barry Brook
Climate update – ongoing decline in South-East Australian rainfall 10/07/2009 Barry Brook
Counterpoint – nuclear power and the low carbon economy 14/07/2009 Barry Brook
We need a real global plan for carbon mitigation 19/07/2009 Barry Brook
Science Show – Nuclear power plants – now safer and cheaper 22/07/2009 Barry Brook
The great climate debate 2009 – Brook vs Plimer 27/07/2009 Barry Brook
Twitter Plimer on ice 31/07/2009 Barry Brook
Power to the People – Nuclear energy in South Australia 4/08/2009 Barry Brook
Does wind power reduce carbon emissions? 8/08/2009 Peter Lang
GreenPower claims and merits – clearing confusion 12/08/2009 Tim Kelly
Wind and carbon emissions – Peter Lang responds 13/08/2009 Peter Lang
Solar power realities – supply-demand, storage and costs 16/08/2009 Peter Lang
Classifying ‘belief systems’ in sustainable energy and climate change 20/08/2009 Gene Preston
Recent nuclear power cost estimates – separating fact from myth 23/08/2009 Barry Brook
Climate crisis update and cash for coal clunkers 27/08/2009 Katherine Wells
Solar thermal questions 31/08/2009 Ted Trainer
Australia’s weird winter 3/09/2009 Blair Trewin
Is Our Future Nuclear? 7/09/2009 Barry Brook
Solar realities and transmission costs – addendum 10/09/2009 Peter Lang
Science Council for Global Initiatives 15/09/2009 Barry Brook
Radiation – facts, fallacies and phobias 19/09/2009 Barry Brook
A necessary interlude 24/09/2009 Barry Brook
Thinking critically about sustainable energy (TCASE) 1: Prologue 27/09/2009 Barry Brook
TCASE 2: Energy primer 29/09/2009 Barry Brook
Q and A responses to climate skeptics’ arguments 2/10/2009 Brett Parris
Remote solar PV vs small nuclear reactor – electricity cost comparison 4/10/2009 Gene Preston
Backstory – Barry Brook on 4th Generation Nuclear Power 7/10/2009 Barry Brook
Germany – crunched by the numbers 9/10/2009 Tom Blees
TCASE 3: The energy demand equation to 2050 11/10/2009 Barry Brook
Life and death on Earth – the Cronus hypothesis 14/10/2009 Corey Bradshaw
The Integral Fast Reactor – Summary for Policy Makers 16/10/2009 Steve Kirsch
TCASE 4: Energy system build rates and material inputs 18/10/2009 Barry Brook
Danish fairy tales – what can we learn? 22/10/2009 Tom Blees
TCASE 5: Ocean power I – Pelamis 25/10/2009 Barry Brook
Crunch Time: Using and abusing Keynes to fight the twin crises of our era 27/10/2009 Tony Kevin
Energy dialogue, Green debate, Blog updates 29/10/2009 Barry Brook
Red Necked Aussie Greenies 31/10/2009 Geoff Russell
Critique of ‘A path to sustainable energy by 2030′ 3/11/2009 Barry Brook
Carbon emissions and nuclear capable countries 6/11/2009 Barry Brook
Fee-and-dividend is superior to cap-and-trade for effective carbon emissions reductions9/11/2009 Steve Kirsch
Follow Britain’s nuclear lead 10/11/2009 Barry Brook
Two years, three record heat waves in southeastern Australia 14/11/2009 Barry Brook
Forget the quality, it’s the 700 million tonnes which counts 17/11/2009 Geoff Russell
TCASE 6: Cooling water and thermal power plants 20/11/2009 Barry Brook
Key concepts for reliable, small-scale low-carbon energy grids 22/11/2009 Gene Preston
Open Thread 1 27/11/2009 Barry Brook
The Nuclear Economy 27/11/2009 Barry Brook
IFR FaD 1 – Context 29/11/2009 Barry Brook
Copenhagen reality check – what’s really coming 1/12/2009 Barry Brook
Clean future in nuclear power 4/12/2009 Barry Brook
TCASE 7: Scaling up Andasol 1 to baseload 6/12/2009 Barry Brook
Mind the gap – distant climates and immediate budgets 10/12/2009 Barry Brook
IFR FaD 2 – fuel use 13/12/2009 Barry Brook
A LFTR deployment plan for Australia 17/12/2009 Alex Goodwin
Temperature of science – never give up 21/12/2009 James Hansen
Unnatural gas 24/12/2009 Tom Blees
Open Thread 2 28/12/2009 Barry Brook
Energy and climate books I read in 2009 31/12/2009 Barry Brook

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