Bryony Worthinton of the Weinberg Foundation explains the history of Nuclear Energy in the UK. And hope for Thorium MSR reactors. Speaking at Shanghai conference

Kirk Sorensen explains why Thorium could have but never took off back in the 1960s. 36 minutes 2 secs

Kirk Sorensen explains why Thorium is so important! Discusses how Thorium Molten Salt Reactors can never run out of Thorium and have superior passive safety The original Remix began as a 5 minute promo now it’s nearly two hours. 2 hours

Robert Hargraves Aim High! discusses how Thorium Molten Salt Reactors can replace coal plants and improve the standard and quality of life. 16 minutes 45 secs

Kirk in Alberta has a passion for his subject and keeps people engaged – Kirk Sorensen @ PROTOSPACE on Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors. 2 hours 36 minutes 45 secs

Ten Minute Version-TEDxYYC
Kirk Sorensen – Thorium
Good for the moon
why not the earth? 10 minutes 3 secs

Clean Nuclear Power – Interview Part One with Kirk Sorensen – KGO Radio March 30, 2011 (slides assembled by Rick Maltese) 14 minutes 56 secs

Kirk Sorensen @ MRU (Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on Liquid Thorium Fluoride Reactors March 31, 2011. 1 hour 37 minutes 13 secs

Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour 84: The Nuclear Alternative Feb. 17, 2011. 58 minutes 58 secs

Energy From Thorium: A Nuclear Waste Burning Liquid Salt Thorium Reactor (Google Tech Talk) July 23, 2009. 1 hour 22 minutes 9 secs

Kirk Sorensen’s Statement to the Blue Ribbon Commission on the Future of Nuclear Energy Sept. 8, 2010. 4 minutes 2 secs

Is Nuclear Waste Really Waste? Dec. 15, 2010. 40 minutes 40 secs

1 minute 9 secs

29 minutes 1 sec

John Kutsch and Jim Kennedy on how Thorium and Rare Earths are prevented from local development by NRC. 2 hours

Baroness Bryony Worthington and Kirk Sorensen together interviewed on Driving Force Radio. 48 minutes 14 secs

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  • Quick Facts: [Thorium Element 90 in periodic table] [Burns up fuel much more efficiently than traditional reactors] [leaves barely any waste behind] [3 x more abundant than uranium] [MSRs run at high temp in liquid molten mixture of fluoride - heat useful for purifying water] [looks like blue water] [no pressure needed] [much safer because of passive safety] [Less expensive to build because it is smaller and easier to build with no pressurized containment needed] [can run without water therefore good for dry and remote locations][molten salt is very stable]

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